IMAC partners with existing organizations to strengthen and expand the capacity of programs to provide activities in underserved communities, particularly with multicultural populations.

Mali School Scholarship Fund

The educational system of Mali is undergoing a profound evolution. Despite a policy involving the private sector and significant involvement of NGO, the Malian education system still faces a lack of resources for infrastructure, textbooks, and staff. At the Ecoles Fondamental Plateau I, there are between 60 and 70 children enrolled in the first grade class. Support for this fund will help to defray the cost of public school tuition, books, fees, transportation, and more for a child.

IMAC is working to support the Ecoles Fondamentales Plateau I in Kayes, Mali (Africa). Donations made will support the primary school that our sponsor partner, Moussa Traoré’s, father attended. Your contribution will establish a scholarship to defray school attendance costs for an under-served child from the Plateau community.

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